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We are more than just DJ’s – we work with the best in the industry to create bespoke entertainment solutions for any event. We know about the noise that surrounds trying to organise weddings or other functions that require refined attention to detail, and pride ourselves on expert execution, no matter the brief. With experience and a network that includes aficionados in every field of artistry and production, there is nothing beyond our capabilities from inception to event that we can’t handle with reassuring professionalism. Music, and it’s effect on an environment is our main concern, and having clients who can relax once it’s in our hands is our primary manifesto.

DK Events is a Potchefstroom based events DJ's specializing in Professional Wedding DJs. DK Events was founded by Werner Scholtz in 2016 and added Paul Hattingh in 2018 to provide his expertise in social media marketing, in 2019 we added another experienced DJ Pieter Holtzhauzen with many years of DJ experience. DK Events offer you all the services you require which include music for your Wedding Ceremony, Pre-Drinks, Wedding Reception and all other tipes of functions that may require music.

We are not Club DJs but events DJs. We specialize in weddings and therefore understand the importance of diversity. We have a wide selection of music which spans from the latest tracks of 2019 to the good old classics. At DK Events , we understand the importance of finding quality suppliers and vendors to complement your event and we are confident that we will exceed all your expectations.

DJ of your dreams...

You’ve already said “I do” to the person of your dreams, now it’s time to say “I do” to the wedding DJ of your dreams. You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now, it’s going to be a reality.

Why do we charge what we charge and what do you get for your money?

How do you put a price on the service you offer? There are a lot of factors which influence a DJ’s pricing. Every client should be charged a fair rate based the following: The quality of gear you use – good equipment is not cheap to buy and maintain, and the right type of gear must be used for the right application. There are a handful of recognized brands in the industry one would expect to see a DJ using, and the cost of this gear has to be recouped over time. Generally speaking, the better the equipment used, the better the sound quality the audience will experience (providing it is set up and used correctly) and the more you can expect to pay for the DJ. Carrying spare gear with you to functions - yes sound equipment and technology does occasionally go faulty, and these mishaps are often unpredictable (ever had your laptop suddenly go ‘blue screen’ in the middle of something important, or your cellphone just go faulty unexpectedly?) This is why a DJ with a reputation to protect will carry spare essentials: spare laptops with music backed up on drives/cd's/memory sticks, speakers, amplifiers, cables, microphones, batteries for microphones etc. and, of course, he or she will be ready like MacGyver to remedy a problem before it spoils a function.

Music Licensing - what many people don't realize is that Mobile DJs are required by law to pay licenses to play copyright recorded music at your function. Fees are payable each year, and these amounts escalate year-on-year. Many DJs are not even aware that these licenses exist and do not factor this cost into their rates at all.
Levels of experience – be prepared to pay for hard-earned experience. In any field or career, to use a cliché, you must “do your time.” When comparing quotes, if you find that someone is far cheaper than other service providers, consider if they have priced themselves that way in order to get a foothold into the market, or if they are just undercutting more well-established competitors. Contrary to popular belief, not all DJs do what they do as a hobby... An experienced DJ cannot just sit back and charge exorbitant rates and rake in the money. They also have running costs like purchasing music, consumables, licensing, repairs, travelling costs etc. They are where they are because of the successful way they do their job, and they are constantly upgrading the service they provide to their clients with improvements in equipment and sharpening their skills over time to keep on top of their game.