DKE Productions is a team of seasoned photographers and videographers with more than 6 years of experience.

Forget those posed, sit down in a chair, look at the camera and smile pictures they used to take for your grandparents. If there is a mountain to climb, let's climb it, if there is a river to cross, let's cross it, if it starts raining, let's get wet, if we need to get in a plane, we find the pilot. If you want something new, something special, you have to be fearless. Normal Engagement Sessions or Love Stories are boring. We do something different. While others just care about getting paid, we do everything we can to make sure your shoot is unique and exotic. We scout and explore incredible locations so your pictures and videos are like nothing anyone has ever seen before.

We love all types of different locations for our destination weddings and engagement shoots. In fact, our favorite type of weddings are destination weddings for this reason. Do you want to do a hike together? Or maybe a picnic in the park? How about a sunset stroll on the beach? We're here to help you plan the perfect engagement shoot location, so you can get the pictures you've always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions
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